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The first and only of its kind in Maine, acting as a new educational and entertainment beacon for New England communities - the Portland Science CenterTM - holds the most engaging and unique traveling attractions ever presented. Showcasing subject matter from education and STEM fields, to cultural phenomena and the majestic marvels of the world, the Portland Science Center provides awe-inspiring exhibitions with a lasting impact.

Through our belief in the power of learning brought to life through entertainment, the Portland Science Center strives to create an engaging and sustainable exhibition center that serves the community and has a significant impact on audiences of all ages.

Utilizing renovated and reimagined space within the cultural hub of the Wharf with over 15,000 square feet of premium exhibition space, the vision for the Portland Science Center is to be the prime “edu-tainment” venue to showcase the most successful exhibitions ever presented to the greater state of Maine and Northern New England.

The Portland Science Center is poised to serve as a leading destination for learning and exploration within the illuminating world of blockbuster exhibitions. Rated top from fundraiser used when sending out Fundraising Letters. https://www.precisionpest.org/pest-world-2018

Home of Pest World 2018 and Pest World 2019. Hosted by Precision Pest.

Our Engagements

Our engagements change every once in a while, so check back for new exhibits.

Portland Science Center Robot Zoo
Portland Science Center Shark Exhibit

Portland Science Center Space Exhibit
Portland Science Center Titanic