Portland Science Center
Body Worlds Debut at Portlant Science Center

Portland Science Center to Make Debut with Gunter Von Hangens Body Worlds

The Portland Science Center is one of the prime destinations for educational and inspiring exhibits and programs, managed by the traveling edutainment organization, The Gold Group. The science center is spread across 12,000sq ft and occupies two floors with separate floors for a restaurant and art gallery. You can easily locate Portland Science Center on the Maine Wharf, situated around the Maine State Pier.

The center is playing host for the first time to the Body Worlds exhibit which features real human remains and organs. The concept was developed by Gunther von Hagens, a German anatomist some 20 years back and aims to educate the public about human anatomy down to the individual organs and systems.

Gunther von Hagens invented a process called plastination in 1977 to preserve human bodies which has now become a universally accepted scientific procedure. The exhibit offers an opportunity to the visitors to have a look under the skin and provide a wide range of insights on the physiology and anatomy of the human body.

Body Worlds Debut Portland Science Center

Gunter von Hangens Body Worlds Makes Debut at Portland Science Center

The goal of the organizers of the exhibit is to educate the public and influence their choice of lifestyle. The effects of common diseases can be easily recognized and understood by comparing healthy and affected organs. People can also realize the long-term effects of addictions and diseases, as you can see for yourself how a lung of a smoker compares with a healthy lung.

The Body Worlds exhibit has been touring the world from 1995 and has covered more than 130 cities in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. It has attracted more than 47 million visitors who gained a good understanding of the human body after attending the exhibit. People also realize the need to take care of their bodies and stay away from unhealthy lifestyle as they can witness the negative consequences at close quarters with their own eyes.

Moreover, some people also take the pledge to donate their organs after death to help out others. The exhibit has a long-lasting effect on the visitors who continue to deal with the insights and experience gained from the display for some time.

Body Worlds Debut at Portland Science Center

It took some time for Portland Science Center to get approval for the building permit which was scheduled to open by the end of June. The date has been pushed back to 24 July and will include work like renovations and making the building and walls fire-resistant. The center invested around US $1 million for their work and hosting the Body World exhibit.

The Body World was part of The Gold Group's traveling exhibition portfolio and also included other exciting exhibits like Tutankhamun: The Golden King and Great Pharaohs which showcased artifacts from Egyptian history dating back 2,000 years.