What is the Best Month to Visit Slovenia?

From historical castles, stunning lake views, and charming old towns, Slovenia is a place worthy to visit. The country has four seasons, but Slovenia weather varies from one area to another, making it tricky to discover the best time to visit Slovenia. You may be wondering when is the best time to visit Croatia and Slovenia, but what you need to know before traveling to Slovenia is that the weather varies. Before you start packing, find out here what is the best month to visit Slovenia.

Slovenia by Season

Alpine climate prevails in the mountainous interior, a pleasant sub-Mediterranean climate is felt along the coast, and a continental climate dominates other regions especially in the northeast.


March marks the start of spring, which ends in May. Slovenia weather during this time is unpredictable, and rainfall and cool temperatures are typical. Late spring gets warmer and drier, making it a good season to explore. During spring, you can include waterproof softshell jackets and hiking shoes in your travel wardrobe, especially when you plan to hike in such weather Slovenia has to offer.

Best Time to Visit Slovenia
Best Time to Visit Slovenia


Sunny skies peak over the country from June to August. The summer season attracts the most tourists, making top destinations like Bohinj, Lake Bled, Piran, and Ljubljana filled with travelers. The hot season is a great time to explore outdoors, so wearing shirts and shorts will come in handy. Bring lightweight jackets and a travel umbrella for added protection.


Autumn is from September to November. The first month of autumn is marked with pleasant days in the Slovenia climate. Cooler temperatures begin to ease in during October and the rainfall makes autumn the wettest season. Dressing for early autumn includes shirts and shorts but as the cooler months begin, you need to have warmer and waterproof clothing. Waterproof hiking shoes will be of great help when hiking in October and November.


December to February are the winter months, making this time perfect for skiing and strolling Christmas markets. As expected during winter, the alpine region is characterized by a windy and cold Slovenia climate, making a large part of the country experience harsh winters, unlike the mild winter in coastal areas. Bundle up and pack warm outerwear and a toque to survive the cold weather Slovenia brings during this season.

What is the Best Month to Visit Slovenia?

The best time to visit Slovenia will be either the month of May or September. You can enjoy your visit in May as you expect a smaller number of tourists as compared to the summer season. The Mediterranean coast, streets of Ljubljana, and lakes in Bled and Bohinj can offer you more space. Rainfall has decreased and the warm temperature makes May a great choice. Add to that the fact that accommodation prices are much cheaper.

Slovenia Weather
Slovenia Weather

In September, the season is comfortable because it isn’t too hot like summer. You can make the most out of your fundraising for your travel since you can find more affordable deals in September.

The weather in Slovenia is tricky to get used to at first, so surely you’ll find this information handy when deciding on the best time to visit Croatia and Slovenia. Widen your experiences and from visiting escape rooms, you can consider going out of the country and visit Slovenia. Now that you know what is the best month to visit Slovenia, skip going to the science museum and instead visit museums and castles in Slovenia where you can learn more about medieval history.